Organisation Development Workshops

Without distinctions, you cannot see,
You can only see with what you know, 
You can only intervene with what you can see.

We are all limited by what we can distinct. OD concepts are relatively new to many people in organisations. These OD Workshops are designed to help participants to “SEE” their organisation through new lenses. There are various aha moments in the workshop where participants are able to “SEE” what is going on. These aha moments go beyond just seeing the system differently, it also builds up the necessary competencies of educators in a Volatile, Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World.

Our OD workshops are customised to the needs of an organisation. We cover a range of topics that may include:

Systems Theory

Power & Politics

System Diagnosis Intervention

Polarity Management

Group Dynamics

System Dialogic Intervention

Force Field Analysis

Nuances in Emotions

Gestalt’s Cycle of Experience

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