We are Process Consultants and we walk with you to co-create interventions that are uniquely suited for your organisation.

Many organisations are tired of having consultants walking into their system and offering big theories that may not work for their system. We approach our consultancy through a Process Consultancy model. In this model, we integrate OD Consultancy Cycle and actively involve the organisation to co-create interventions at multiple levels of the system that uniquely caters to the system. 

Our consultancy process includes and is not limited to:

Interview and Focus Group Discussions

These sessions are ways to gather data from various stakeholders to identify the necessary interventions needed.

Training Workshops

Training is part of capacity building for staff in an organisation to have a better way of seeing their system. This also develops capability of staff for future interventions within the system.

Coaching Sessions

These coaching sessions can be designed for individual, group as well as system level to effect systemic changes needed.

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