Process Facilitation

Among the 3 types of facilitation that we teach, this is the least understood yet profoundly important in many settings across workspaces.

A Process Facilitator is a “CONTENT NEUTRAL” individual who supports a group to come together, generate ideas and make decisions. Such situations happen across different settings such as VIA, Student-Initiated Project, Project Work, Professional Learning Teams (PLT/PLC) as well as Staff Retreats.

We offer the following workshop to support you in Process Facilitation:
Facilitation Skills for Professional Learning Team/ Network Learning Team Leader

The lesser the content knowledge I have about the discussion, the easier it is to facilitate.

“CONTENT NEUTRALITY” is both an ethical and critical practice when facilitating a group. Often, having higher stakes and content knowledge causes a Facilitator to go off NEUTRALITY. This could influence ideation and decision-making in the group. 

In this hands-on full day workshop, you will learn core concepts and practices of a Process Facilitator while focusing on supporting the group to carry out the task in a collaborative and supportive manners.

What I’ll Take-Away

  • Understand key practices of “CONTENT NEUTRALITY”.
  • Expose to a range of Divergent & Convergent Processes
  • Apply active listening skills in maintaining neutrality
  • Go through a substantial amount of hands on experiences in Process Facilitation
  • Practice Process Facilitation

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