Why is training and certification provided by Pivotal Learning so much more expensive than OBS CCI?

There are several reasons

  1. We are not subsidised by Government for the service we render. Both OBS  and MOE are Government Agencies. They are NOT private business entities, they have resources that private business entity like Pivotal does not have.
  • Pivotal Learning need to make a profit to sustain the our business operation and accreditation with ACCT. We need to pay for ACCT PVM membership yearly and once every 3 years we must go through the review process that includes flying two QP down to review our operation.
  • We need to pay for the usage of Challenge Course Site as well as for our staff salary. We don’t get budget from Government.
  • Our staff need to be properly certified and clock hours to be a certified Tester and Trainer. All these cost money. We can’t simply write a justification and Government will ensure we will have budget for next year.

At the end of the day, is about the value and choices each practitioner will need to make. We are clear that everyone prefers to attend a training and certification at a lower cost. We are pricing our programmes that meet the value we offer.

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