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Enhanced Facilitation Skills (EFS)

Next Run : EFS29 on
20 - 21 Apr 2022


Facilitation is both an ART and SCIENCE. An artist learns the SCIENCE of ART by learning the science first such as the different types of brushes, paint, canvases, color matching, etc. The ART portion is then developed through repetition, practice and guidance. This workshop will provide you with the SCIENCE portion of facilitation and you will learn:

  • 3 distinctions that make debriefing works
  • 5 framing techniques
  • 5 key debriefing techniques that have lots of varieties
  • Principles of Experiential Education

Who should attend:

Experienced Facilitators

  • To get more consistent results in facilitation.
  • To understand why certain things work.
  • To have a structured way of understanding facilitation.

Novice Facilitators

  • To improve your facilitation skills.
  • To build up your debriefing competencies.
  • To get a grip on facilitation.


This is the foundational level of our range of workshops on facilitation. It builds the necessary foundation for our next level of workshops that explore the deepening of learning experiences. Finally, our Advanced workshops will focus on effective programme design and layering. We also have workshops that allow facilitators to collect activities to add on their bag of tricks.

Debriefing is one of the hardest skills for a facilitator as they help to “make easy” the learning process for learners. This workshop will specifically help you to make debriefing or reflection successful.