Lye Yen Kai
MEd (K12, Adventure Education), C.MLP Pr, C. BBL, C. Impact Teaching, ACTA, ACCT CCM Pr., CPF (IAF, USA), CALC (WIAL, USA), C. Integral Coach

Yen Kai has more than 20 years of training and facilitating experience with educators and trainers. He started Pivotal Learning in 2013 with the vision and passion in the development of youths and to “PASS IT ON”. 

Practitioners, namely educators, facilitators and trainers are constantly interacting with our youths through classroom activities, workshops and camps. Through Pivotal Learning, Yen Kai aspires to “PASS ON” the pivotal skill sets that he has been practicing over the years to these practitioners who can then create a much larger reach to the youths. 

Since then, he has trained more than 10,000 teachers, Student Development Officers, Camp Instructors, Trainers and Facilitators to create more engaging and impactful programmes. He also conducted more than 100 runs of Professional Learning Team Facilitation Skill Workshops in The Academy of Singapore Teachers and directly to schools.

Yen Kai is a rare breed. In his pursuit of his vision, he is trained and certified in both soft and hard skills, in teaching and facilitating. Through these range of exposure and practices, he is able to create distinctions and codified skills to make them transferrable. 

Here are the areas that Yen Kai is accustomed to: 
  1. Brain-Based Learning and Greenlight Classroom & High Impact Teaching
    He is certified as a Brain-Based Learning Trainer by Eric Jensen and at the time, the only certified trainer in Asia by Dr Rich Allen in the realm of brain-based principles.
  2. Process Facilitation
    In his pursuit to better his facilitation skills, he ventured into Process Facilitation and cleared his certification with IAF to become a Certified Professional Facilitator. He was part of the IAF Singapore Chapter Council Member and assisted in the IAF Asia Conference held in Singapore.

3. Adventure & Experiential Learning Facilitation
He is a respected practitioner in the Outdoor Education scene in Singapore with both educators and industry players. He was one of the founding members of Outdoor Learning & Adventure Education Association and served as President from 2014 till 2020. He also got Pivotal Learning to be accredited as a Professional Vendor Member with ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology, USA) in 2015.

4. Organizational Development
With the vision of bringing more value to organizations and schools, he has recently completed Organization Development training by the prestigious International Gestalt Organization & Leadership Development (iGOLD) and National Training Laboratory (NTL). He also completed Integral Coaching certification in 2024.