Pivotal Learning been supporting educators to improve facilitation skills since 2010. We are deeply passionate about equipping educators with facilitation skills because:
  • Content are freely available now, educators need to shift from teaching content to facilitating understanding.
  • Facilitating understanding strengthen critical and analytical thinking ability of our learners.
  • Our learners are now more vocal and much prefer conversation than didactic teaching.
  • Educators play critical role in our learners’ growing process both cognitively and emotionally.
  • Keeping our learners engage in lesson, is more critical than the past.
  • Moving into Experiential Learning to strengthen Learning Experiences.

We work with a wide range of educators from Institutes of Higher Learning, Colleges, Secondary and Primary Schools as well as Pre-School.


Currently, we offer the following workshops in 3-hour module to meet the tight school schedule of our educators.

We provide customized educators workshops too! Do feel free to contact us for any of your development or training needs.