Educator Program

Educator Workshops

We work with a wide range of educators from Institutes of Higher Learning, Colleges, Secondary and Primary Schools as well as Pre-School to provide customized workshops. 

We also have a series of workshops in 3-hour module that are designed to meet the tight school’s schedule constraints: 

  1. CCE Lesson Facilitation Workshops  (2 Modules)
  2. Classroom Facilitation (3 Modules)
  3. Facilitating Student Development Experiences (3 Modules)
  4. PAL Facilitation Workshops (3 Modules)
  5. Experiential Learning Facilitation Workshop (Full Day)
  6. PLT Facilitation Skill Workshop (Full Day)
  7. Strategic Staff Retreat

CCE Lesson Facilitation Workshops

Lessons move away from telling / didactic teaching into a facilitated conversation. The focus has shifted from telling right and wrong from teachers to building moral reasoning among students. This shift changes the role of a teacher to a facilitator. Many teachers are looking for the necessary skills to support their students in CCE Lessons.

Pivotal Learning has been training teachers in CCE Lesson Facilitation since 2015. CCE Branch adopted a range of strategies developed by us into the CCE 2017 Quick Guides.  We have mastered the usage of CSI Inquiry Framework and Facilitation Strategies over the years, and we can provide teachers with the necessary nuances in facilitating CCE Lessons.

CCE 2021 further strengthen the needs of integrating CSI inquiry framework and a range of facilitation strategies into teaching of CCE Lessons. The inclusion of Context-Dimension Frame and Contemporary issues will demand higher level of facilitation skills from teachers.

Facilitating CCE Lesson Module 1 – this module focuses on demonstrating the integration of CSI and Facilitation Strategies into CCE Lessons.

Facilitating CCE Lesson Module 2 – this module focuses on facilitating contemporary issues and incorporating context-dimension frame into CCE Lessons.

Classroom Facilitation

We designed the following THREE workshops to strengthen Lesson Preparation & Lesson Enactment in the classroom.

1) Designing Lessons for Facilitation – This workshop covers critical components in designing a lesson that naturally promotes discussion among students. It deepens the application of Trigger Activity, Inquiry Process and Structures in lesson design.

2) Any Questions? – Getting Responses Effortlessly – This workshop focuses on brain-compatible techniques in handling prolonged silence, a lack of suitable responses or monosyllabic replies from your students.

3) Asking Effective Questions – This workshop develops the teacher’s ability to ask more effective questions in getting the desired responses for assessment and future lesson development.

Facilitating Student Development Experiences

To ensure all student development experiences (SDEs) are coherent to CCE 2021, Cohort Camp, Learning Journey, CCA, and other activities are now part of SDEs. Though these experiences may be diverse, the standard pedagogy among all of them is Experiential Learning.

Facilitating SDEs Make Easy (Module 1) – This workshop deep dive into the uniqueness of SDEs and how educators can make debriefing of these experiences easy.

Facilitating Teachable Moments (Module 2) -The application of experiential framing and observation to enhance the learning opportunity on Teachable Moments.

PAL Facilitation Workshops

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) been around for more than ten years. We started working with teachers in the area of PAL in Lesson in 2018. In the process of deep-diving into the implementation of PAL Lessons, we assisted schools in the following:

Strengthening PAL Facilitation – we have three modules in support of teachers’ need for better facilitation for PAL Lesson. These modules minimise “BLOCK TEACHING” and move teachers into facilitating SEL Competencies.

Lesson Plan Upgrade – The coherent between SEL / PAL outcomes, activities and questions are frequently missing in PAL Lesson Plan.  We support teachers by upgrading their lesson plans to achieve coherence.

Experiential Learning Facilitation

We are the leading company in terms of training experiential learning in Singapore. We have been training practitioners from the private sector, government sector and MOE schools since 2010. We also had the good fortune of training OAEs, OE Specialists and OPMs of PSOEB in Experiential Learning Design and Facilitation.

This full-day workshop on Experiential Learning Facilitation offer lots of distinctions in making debriefing easy by looking into multiple dimensions in activity design, framing of experience and raising awareness. 

PLT Facilitation Skill Workshop


We have been delivering this workshop with The Academy of Singapore Teachers since 2010. We conduct an average of ten workshops per year, and they are mostly fully subscribed. Schools are contacted us directly to deliver this workshop to suit the PD schedule of PLT Leader.

This is a full-day workshop covering critical facilitation skills in facilitating Professional Learning Team sessions.

Strategic Staff Retreat

Progressive School Leaders are learning that strategic retreat is more than planning. It is an opportunity to strengthen capacity, increase engagement and bring the voices of staff into the session. They recognise it requires special skills, and having a professional facilitator who designs and delivers these sessions often brings different impacts.

This retreat can range from half-day to full-day or even multiple sessions. Typically, these sessions include interview sessions, Focus Group Discussions and multiple sessions of discussion. We also work as a school consultant for longer-term projects such as Re-envision, Mapping Strategic Trusts, Aligning outcomes.

Instead of just discussion, we integrate teambuilding activities into these sessions to ease staff into the conversation.