Why do we work with educators?

Pivotal Learning was founded by Yen Kai in 2013 to pursue his vision – “PASS IT ON” – for a better generation of youths. Prior to 2013, Yen Kai was running a training company working closely with youths at the national and school level. Due to differences in values among directors, he left the companies he founded back in 2005.

When Yen Kai founded Pivotal Learning, he had a company vision – LEARNERS’ FIRST. He wants more educators and practitioners to focus on learners rather than being driven by the content/activity. During which, he made a hard decision to train his “competitors” (industry players). He believes that the reach of the collective is more powerful than that of an individual company. Since then, many of these competitors are now partners supporting each other.

He also dedicated a significant amount of his time reaching out to teachers. He works closely with them to strengthen facilitation skills which are crucial in deepening students’ ability to think critically and self-reflect. From judging teachers, he gained tons of empathy for the challenges teachers had to face daily and regularly.

He now travels widely to learn from some of the best trainers in the world to the point that some of his friends viewed it as him using a bazooka to shoot ants. Though to him, it is totally worthwhile. He also brings in esteemed trainers around the world to elevate the competencies of practitioners in the field of work.

3E Approach

Our workshops focus on specific, practical and hands-on strategies as well as techniques that are research-based, classroom-tested and brain-compatible. The “O” in our logo demonstrates the leverage point that is the core of our approach.

The 3 coloured waves represent our 3E approach to our programs: