Pivotal Learning is set up in March 2013 to empower educators, facilitators and trainers with “PIVOTAL” skills that enable a Learner-Centered Learning Environment to achieve our vision of LEARNER FIRST.

In a learner-centered learning environment, the focus is shifted from content to be delivered to learners’ needs. It also changes the role of a “TRAINER” or “TEACHER” to facilitator. This change of focus and role will greatly impact curriculum design as well as content delivery.

Our workshops focus on specific, practical and hands on strategies as well as techniques that are research-based, classroom tested and brain-compatible.


The “O” in our logo demonstrates the leverage point which is the core of our approach. The 3 coloured waves represent our 3E approach to our programs: 

Engage –The process of engagement goes beyond just keeping participants active, it involves getting them curious, intrigued, and creating strong buy-in.

Experience – this approach ensures participants go beyond cognitive understanding into the full immersion of the learning experience. Frequently, it supports learners in separating what they thought they know from what they actually know. This is particularly important for skill-based learning.

Enquire – It includes reflection, investigation, asking, probing, and examining an experience. The goal of this approach is to connect the experience with learning objectives, deepen personal learning and support the transference of learning into individual context.



Pivotal Learning been supporting educators to improve facilitation skills since 2010. We are deeply passionate about equipping educators with facilitation skills because:
  • Content are freely available now, educators need to shift from teaching content to facilitating understanding.
  • Facilitating understanding strengthen critical and analytical thinking ability of our learners.
  • Our learners are now more vocal and much prefer conversation than didactic teaching.
  • Educators play critical role in our learners’ growing process both cognitively and emotionally.
  • Keeping our learners engage in lesson, is more critical than the past.
  • Moving into Experiential Learning to strengthen Learning Experiences.

We work with a wide range of educators from Institutes of Higher Learning, Colleges, Secondary and Primary Schools as well as Pre-School.


Currently, we offer the following workshops in 3-hour module to meet the tight school schedule of our educators.

We provide customized educators workshops too! Do feel free to contact us for any of your development or training needs. 



The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is a 501(c)6 international trade association based in United States. It is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developer for the global challenge course, aerial adventure park, canopy tour and zip line industry. ACCT is the world’s leading advocate, educator and standards developer for the Challenge Course industry. In Singapore and the region, ACCT Standards is the regular standards for Design, Performance, Inspection, Operation and Training for Challenge Course Industry.

To know more about ACCT, please visit www.acctinfo.org 

Pivotal Learning was the FIRST Asian ACCT PVM for Training and Certification in 2015. An ACCT Professional Vendor Member (PVM) is a company that is highly experienced and competent in the industry, committed to the ACCT Standards, and have undergone stringent review on ACCT Accreditation Policies and Procedures. Since 2014, Pivotal Learning have been actively training and certifying challenge course practitioners in the region and advancing the adoption of ACCT Standards in Singapore. To further advance the industry, Pivotal Learning extended its expertise to include challenge course consulting to support organizations in ensuring that their operations meet ACCT Standards. In 2020, our founder was certified by ACCT as an Operation Reviewer, which greatly enhanced our capability and enabled Pivotal Learning to offer Operation Accreditation for Challenge Courses.

In 2023, Blackbox Outdoor Education was formed to take on all Challenge Ropes Course (CRC) and ACCT related work from Pivotal Learning. This will allow Pivotal Learning to focus on educator training and Blackbox OE to be able to cater specifically to CRC practitioners. To find out more, check out www.blackbox-oe.com